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Individual Sport Psychology

Work one on one with Josh to develop a customized sport psychology game plan based on your core values, goals, age, and athletic level. Topics that we may cover include effective self-talk, managing emotions during competitions, goal-setting, how to utilize routines, preparation for competitions, and reflection on competitions including journaling.


Sessions typically start with a check-in, where Josh talks through recent performances with the athlete including elements of the performance that went well, things that they want to improve, and how they’ve managed to apply sport psychology skills and mental skills while they’re performing. From that point, sessions focus on one or two skills that are needed in order to take their game to the next level.


Packages of full sessions (50-60 minutes) and half-sessions (25-30 minutes) are currently being offered. Please inquire via email or call/text for details and pricing.

Group Sport Psychology 

Josh has worked with a number of groups and teams including NCAA Division 1 and Division 3 collegiate sports teams as well as a number of other teams and organizations.


Teams and organizations take part in workshops and games designed to teach sport psychology skills and enhance team cohesion. A personalized sport psychology game plan will be designed for each group; topics will include leadership development, effective communication strategies, handling losses and setbacks, and goal-setting as a team.

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