Tiebreaker Psych

Learn mental skills and sport psychology techniques to improve performance. Work with Sport Psychology Coach Josh Burger M.S. to learn and build a skill-set of mental skills that you can utilize to be the best competitor you can be.

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Are you focusing enough on the mental ​side of the game?

Tiebreaker Psych helps athletes learn Sport Psychology skills that are critical to achieving success and positive wellbeing on the court or field. Many athletes find that they can apply the same Sport Psychology skills in other areas of life such in the classroom and in the workplace.

Sport Psychology Coaching helps individual athletes and teams perform at higher levels through breaking down barriers to success and developing Sport Psychology skills that can be learned and practiced like physical skills.

Benefits of working with a Sport Psychology Coach:

Learn short and long term goal-setting techniques

Utilize self-talk and routines to increase confidence

Increase self-awareness through mindfulness techniques

Handle anger and negative emotions better in competition

Develop leadership skills and improve group dynamics

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